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 Land and Seascapes 

I love nature. Big skies, wide open spaces. I’m  always drawn to the horizon, shapes and contrasts. Strong bold colours and drama seem to be my thing.


It’s easy to find inspiration when discovering new landscapes on trips abroad; crystal blue seas or dramatic red canyons. But I am just as likely to find it on a car journey down the M40 (well, almost).


My landscapes are mainly acrylic on canvas and range greatly in size. Whilst I love painting scenes that have inspired me I would be just as happy to capture a place that is close to your heart, perhaps a favourite childhood haunt or a special holiday moment.

I am happy to have an informal chat to discuss your ideas.

Lynne painted a photograph of a place that's special to me and she captured it perfectly. Now when I sit at my table I can lose myself back in that world and it releases all kinds of memories and emotions.

Gail Bestman

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