• Lynne Gougeon

Mind, Body, Soul and Art Opening Night!

This exhibition is an exhibition themed around the idea of Feelings. Not just the emotive sense of the word, but actually the physical essence of touching the art.

All artists exhibiting are working with materials which we touch everyday. Using common material to create a piece of art. We have textiles, book sculptures, work on Perspex and finally encaustic art which is working bees wax.

Art touches many people, and mainly the artists use it as a way to express themselves and their mind, body, and soul. We as the viewer are the ones who are the lucky enough experience it. Without artists needing to express themselves and hold true to their creativity we would not have such wonderful things to tantalize and entertain our mind, body and soul.

Please join the artist and myself on Friday November 9th 6:30-9:00pm for the opening evening at Slate Aft Gallery.