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 Whitnash Primary School - Tree Project 

It all started when…


Whitnash Primary School approached me about working on a big project with their pupils. The head teacher wanted to update some large picture panels in the school hall that had been created years ago by pupils long since grown up. 


As the school logo is a tree it was logical to have trees as the theme of the project. I came up with the idea of having seven scenes showing different trees from various environments around the world and during all four seasons. These pictures would also be filled with the great variety of other plant and animal life that the trees helped to sustain.


I worked at home to paint the backgrounds, each measuring 175m x 90cm. I then spent a full day with each class helping them bring the scene to life, adding plants, insects, animals and landscape details. They were each set different tasks, some painting directly on the board, others drawing different elements that they coloured, cut out and stuck on. 


This was a lot to expect in one day but the kids relished it, working hard, listening well and producing work that they, the school and I are very proud of. From snow covered pines to the depths of the Amazon, the cherry blossoms of Japan and an English woodland in autumn. The final pieces have not only transformed the hall, but have also benefitted the pupils by working collaboratively with an artist to produce some very high quality work.


The success of this project and positive feedback from everyone has led to further projects at the school and also my art club. I would love to work on similar projects at other local schools.  

Lynne has inspired pupils at Whitnash Primary School with her infectious energy, talent for teaching and artistic skill. The children have grown in confidence and developed a range of skills. Each class takes great pride in the high quality art work they have produced with Lynne, which has a lasting impact on the whole school community.

Becky Mort

Parent Governor

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