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 My Art 

I was that ‘arty one’ at school, always drawing or painting. And through those early years there were certain pictures I still remember that seemed to step up to the next level. 


This pastel portrait I did age 16 was one of them. I suddenly thought ’I can do this!’ My first sale followed shortly after to a friend at school, for the princely sum of £14. 


I find inspiration in so many places. Big open vistas, distant horizons, the tiny details on a pebble or the rust on an old sign. So not surprisingly my pictures have quite a diverse range of subject matter but they seem to be linked by bold colours, contrast and a bit of drama.


I work mainly in acrylic or pastel but also enjoy watercolour, mixed media, photography and pencil. I dabble in batik painting and pyrography (the art of decorating wood with burn marks). 


Whilst I love to create my own pieces, I am always delighted to take commissions. Whether it’s of a landscape special to you, a mural to transform a room or perhaps a pet portrait for a gift. Just get in touch to chat through your ideas

View my work in my gallery and if some of you are eagle eyed and spot any paintings signed by a Lynne Rawlings, it’s still me, pre marriage.

A part of my soul goes into that picture and equally the process of painting feeds

my soul.

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